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Hilton Head Island Boater's 2022 New Year Resolutions

New Goals on Deck

It’s going to be an incredible year for boating! We’ve created a list with the help of Jason Wheeler, Harbourmaster here at Shelter Cove Marina, to inspire your growth as a boater this year.

Boating Safety from the start

Shelter Cove Marina

The first item Jason suggested was to complete your Vessel Safety check for the new year. A Vessel Safety Check is an inspection of your boat performed with you and a volunteer member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Passing this exam shows your boat is recognized by law enforcement agencies as being equipped with the required safety items.

A few items on the VSC checklist include….

· Display of Numbers

· Registration/Documentation

· Personal Flotation Devices

To view the full list and start your own self inspection, download Vessel Safety Check (VSC), here.

Acquiring this decal ensures your boat is safe for you, your family and guests. You will be learning from an experienced and qualified examiner, who will come to your boat and it’s FREE. Easy choice!

After you complete your self-examination, schedule a free Vessel Safety Check with Alan Wagner at 410-241-0267. For more questions about Shelter Cove Marina call 866-661-3822.

Build your sailing confidence in class

Hilton Head Island Boating

The second item Jason suggested was a boating class! Offered right here at Shelter Cove Marina. This class will be hands on general boat maneuvering, gaining an understanding of local waterway knowledge and much more. To book your spot, call Shelter Cove Marina at 866-661-3822.

When you call, you can ask more questions about the class and express what you wish to learn, ex: docking a boat. Their staff will provide you with an educational and safe environment to grow your boating skills in. Challenge yourself and try this class out in 2022!

Start a log to document your travels, Capture your 2022 by pen

Boat Log

Wouldn’t it be nice to flip through your book and reminisce on all the places you went, fish you caught, or sunsets you experienced? One of your goals could be to keep a ship’s log journal and document all the wonderful details of your travels throughout the year!

A boat log can also be a good way to keep up with boat maintenance, fuel, and battery life. You can purchase specifically made boat log notebooks online or any journal would work too as well. The Waterway Guide has a great website full of information for your future travels where you can also view the Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina listing. Jason recommends buying the hard copy so you can use the ships log provided within.

Invest in new technology

Garmin Surround View Camera System

If you have a back-up camera for your car, then imagine how helpful it would be to assist you in docking your boat! Garmin Surround View Camera System is a new camera coming in 2022 that allows you to see a bird’s eye view for a full 360-degree observation which maximizes visibility and situational awareness. Give yourself piece of mind when docking and let the camera’s digital cues guide you safely while operating. (Earlier models available to purchase). Garmin currently has a few marine boat camera models out now, among other brands. A good social page of theirs to follow is Garmin ActiveCaption Operation on Facebook. This group covers operation of the Garmin ActiveCaptain App for mobile devices.

There are plenty of GPS navigation systems online to browse through, such as the Simrad Cruise – easy to use menu system, pre-loaded US coastal map, split screen views and more. A new pair of Standard Handheld VHF radios for quality communication could be on your list to upgrade. Technology is made to help make our lives easier and these are just a few item suggestions that would be worth your research.

Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina

We hope this helps you in your 2022 preparations. Time to get your boat ready, learn new skills in a boating class, and take on documenting more adventures in the new year!

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