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Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina merchants to participate in Hilton Head Island’s Lantern Parade

Updated: Apr 1

Select Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina merchants will be participating in the Hilton Head Island COVID-friendly Lantern Parade-in-Place taking place Thursday, November 5, through Saturday, November 7.

colorful lanterns light the sky on the beach
a lit up boat lantern rests on the beach with blue laterns in the background

Traditionally, the Hilton Head Island Lantern Parade celebrates the history, ecology, and people of Hilton Head Island with participants parading the beach with homemade lanterns reflecting a range of themes from Lowcountry boils to sea turtles and lighthouses. Last year, over 1800 participants paraded with more than 1000 spectators watching the breathtaking scene of lantern lights over the backdrop of the ocean and night sky.

little girl holds up a turtle lantern in front of a tree
a unicorn lantern with a heart lights up the sky with other lanterns

Due to COVID-19, this year’s Lantern Parade will be a parade-in-place event spanning 3 nights with a drive-thru option to see the displays light up the community. Participants will light up their driveways, yards, balconies and doorsteps with their homemade lanterns instead. Maps will be provided to guide spectators where to drive through to see each other’s lanterns as well as where to spot the puppeteer display of a dozen glowing lanterns (which will be in a different location each night) created by the lead artist, Chantelle Rytter.

participants hold their lanterns proud as they walk the beach

We can’t wait to see all the creative lanterns and catch everyone together again on the beach next year.


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