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Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina Partners with Salt Marsh Sailing

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Shelter Cove Hilton Head Sailing Charter at Sunset

There is nothing more relaxing than setting sail and taking in the picturesque Hilton Head Island scenery. Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina prides themselves in providing the best opportunity to experience the lowcountry life cruising through our blue waterways. That is why they are extremely excited about their newest partnership with Captain Bradley of Salt Marsh Sailing.

When learning about the history of Salt Marsh Sailing, it is evident that Captain Brad is extremely passionate about sailing and is committed to excellent customer service. His story is too great not to share!

“I have been in the charter boat industry for 13 years now. It all started when my family went on vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2006 and we went on a Sunset Sail on a large catamaran. Being in awe over how awesome of a job being the captain of that boat must be, I asked the 1st mate how she got her job. A very common question for her, the response was “I walked in and applied” with a chuckle. So the next day, I walked down the boardwalk to all of the charter boat outfits inquiring. The responses were so positive that I thought to myself, “If I actually moved here, I could make this happen!” Our family vacation ended and when we got home, I put in my 2 weeks notice at my job, bought a one way plane ticket, sold my truck, packed my suitcases and moved to St. Croix, USVI.

Salt Marsh Sailing Captain Brad
Captain Brad

I ended up getting a job on the same boat our family went on for the Sunset Sail while on vacation. The company had two 40 passenger boats and took visitors to beautiful coral reefs for snorkeling as well as the relaxing sunset sail my family enjoyed. I was a 3rd mate- the more customers that signed up for a trip, the more crew members we took. After a solid season, I worked my way up to 1st mate and then to Senior 1st Mate- a small managerial position. I eventually earned enough sea time and got my US Coast Guard issued Captain’s license and was a full time Captain for the company.

This job changed my life. I fell in love with the feeling of nothing but the wind powering your boat. I truly came to appreciate and respect Mother Nature and all of her beauty. I learned about customer service (my boss demanded it) and the value that it can bring to a small business. I found my passion.

During year number 4 of the 7 years I spent there, I met a beautiful, intelligent, hard working woman that was on contract to be there for a 3 year job. We fell in love and in 2013, at the end of that 3 year job, we got married. She got a job offer in Savannah, Ga where we lived for a year. During that year we fell in love with the little town across the SC border, Bluffton, and it’s easy access to the wonderful beach town of Hilton Head Island. South Carolina’s Low Country is a truly remarkable place unlike anywhere else in the world. We bought a house in Bluffton, and I got back to my passion of sailing and charter boats, and the dream of starting Salt Marsh Sailing came true.

Family Friendly Salt Marsh Sailing Charter

I am thrilled to have a charter boat in this wonderful community that is so passionate about preserving its roots. Salt Marsh Sailing, our family owned small business, is committed to providing both the Low Country’s visitors and residents incredible, relaxing experiences while passing on knowledge of our local eco system and history to everyone who chooses to sail with us. We look forward to sailing with you!”

Couple on Sunset Sailing Charter in Hilton Head Island

At Salt Marsh Sailing, the 27 ft Stiletto Sailboat is a wide, stable catamaran with both comfortable seat cushions as well as bean bag chairs on the netting for full relaxation during an eco-cruise or sunset sail on Hilton Head. The charter can host up to 6 passengers, perfect for a family sailing trip or a gathering of friends. Whether you are looking to watch the sun go down or get up close and personal with some dolphins, Salt Marsh is the right boat for you! Call 866-661-3822 or view our sailing charters to reserve your charter today!


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