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Southern Tide Beneath the Waves

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Southern Tide has paired up with the non-profit group, Beneath the Waves. Beneath the Waves is an ocean NGO focused on advancing scientific discovery and catalyzing ocean policy, with an emphasis on threatened species and ecosystems.

Largely focused on migratory species such as sharks, Beneath the Waves, has initiatives in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean Ocean.

Both the Southern Tide brand and the Beneath the Waves organization are heavily invested in our coasts, due to the love of the ocean, it was only a matter of time before this partnership came together.

Beneath the Waves studies focus primarily on migratory sharks, as they play a crucial role in the ocean ecosystem by keeping it healthy and balanced. Their continued efforts are shaping important research, while also assisting in creating policies across the globe, determined to protect various species of endangered sharks.

Southern Tide has committed to donating 5% of their Beneath the Waves collection net sales to the organization in order to help protect and restore our oceans.

We hope the next time you hear about a shark, you will remember the important role they play in our oceans.

Be sure to shop the Southern Tide’s Between the Waves collection to help raise money for this mission, and be sure to visit Hilton Head Island’s only Southern Tide Signature Store, at Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina during your next visit!


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